A downloadable game for Windows

PLEASE NOTE: This game requires two controllers to play.

Crustacean Domination pits two mortal enemies, the blue crab and the red crab, in a battle for supremacy.

How to Play
- Push your opponent out of the ring to score a point
- The first to five points wins the round
- Each match lasts five rounds. The winner of the most rounds at the end wins the match.

Left Arm Snap: Left Trigger
Right Arm Snap: Right Trigger
Charge: Hold Left Bumper
Dodge: Right Bumper
Move: Left Analog Stick

Prototype developed in Unreal Engine as a second year Media Design School summative.

James Monk
Roger Smith

Max Bainbridge
Zane Bronnimann
Ryan Coates
Alex Zhang


CrustaceanDomination.zip 633 MB