A downloadable game for Windows

You have infiltrated an enemy alien ship. Your objective is to steal up to three relics located in the opposite end of the ship and returning to the entrance with them.

Each relic is locked within a container, which requires a keycard of the same color to be unlocked. In order to obtain keycards, you must complete each of the puzzles in one of the puzzle rooms located around the ship.

Be wary of the patrolling guards and the ship's defence system. 

Shoot: Left Click
Aim: Right Click
Interact: E
Move: WASD
Toggle Briefer: Left Ctrl
Fullscreen: F11

Prototype developed in Unreal Engine as a second year Media Design School summative.

James Monk
Roger Smith

Max Bainbridge
Zane Bronnimann
Alex Zhang


Planeshift.zip 532 MB